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McXtra Care Newsletter | September 2020

Section A MAIN FEATURE Understanding Atherosclerosis (Plaques) in the Arteries   Our heart works tirelessly and quietly round the clock, so evidently if it gets ill in any way, the health impact can be serious and significant. Even though the heart chambers are filled with blood, it requires blood vessels (called coronary arteries) to supply […]

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McXtra Care Newsletter | August 2020

Section A MAIN FEATURE CAUSES AND UNDERSTANDING OF BACK PAIN   Back pain is one of the most common health problems encountered which can reduce work capacity, productivity and quality of life. CAUSES OF BACK PAIN Strain of the back can be due to short term and long-term causes. Short term strain is commonly caused by: – […]

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McXtra Care Newsletter | July 2020

Section A MAIN FEATURE  Recognizing Mosquito borne Infections and Fevers   When the rains come in, so do the mosquitoes, heralding the season of mosquito-borne fevers and infections. The most common infections spread by mosquito bites are Malaria, Dengue and Chikungunya prevalent mainly in Asia, Africa, and Central-Southern America. While Malaria is caused by a parasite (Plasmodium), […]

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McXtra Care Newsletter | June 2020

Section A MAIN FEATURE  Recognizing and Understanding Chronic Fatigue FATIGUE OR TIREDNESS We all experience days of immense fatigue, where the body and mind can’t push themselves any longer. Sometimes we may feel like this for a day or two, and maybe even days, but with adequate rest and sleep, along with some relaxing or […]

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McXtra Care Newsletter | April 2020

Section A MAIN FEATURE  Understanding how our Immune System works   The immune system is our body’s defense mechanism which fights harmful intruding agents and pathogens (called Antigens). It consists of various types of White Blood Cells (WBCs) and their network system, which can be compared to the organization and functioning of an Army. There […]

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McXtra Care | Spl. Edition Update: COVID-19

Understanding Coronavirus Disease  COVID-19   The illness called COVID-19 (Coronavirus Disease) is caused by the virus designated 2019-nCoV (also called SARS-CoV-2), which is a novel strain of the Coronavirus group first seen China in December 2019.  COVID-19 is similar to Viral Flu. From the time of getting infected, it can take from 2 days to 2 weeks to manifest […]

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McXtra Care | Special Edition: COVID 2019

Understanding Coronavirus    Is the current Coronavirus a new virus?   Coronavirus is a species of virus that is primarily found in Bats. Humans are not routinely infected. However, periodically the Coronavirus can undergo a mutation (change in its genetic material) into a new virus subspecies (strain). It can then ‘jump’ from Bats to Humans, […]

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McXtra Care Newsletter | February 2020

Section A MAIN FEATURE  Airway Diseases: Understanding Asthma and Bronchitis   Human Airway – Upper and Lower Our respiratory tract (Airway) consist of the Upper Airway – nose (nostrils), throat (pharynx) and voice box (larynx) and Lower Airway – wind pipe (trachea), bronchi and bronchioles, finally leading into the lungs where oxygen is taken up […]

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McXtra Care Newsletter | January 2020

Section A MAIN FEATURE  Understanding Risk factors and types of Constipation Constipation is a difficulty in passing stool, which includes infrequent bowel evacuations, straining to pass stool, hard or lumpy stools, prolonged duration to evacuate, or a feeling of not having evacuated fully or adequately. Everyone goes through such episodes once in a while but […]

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McXtra Care Newsletter | December 2019

Section A MAIN FEATURE  Understanding Acidity: Causes and Health impact ACID IN OUR STOMACH We sometimes suffer from a burning feeling in our stomach or lower chest, sensations we often describe as ‘acidity’ or ‘heart burn’. The stomach is the organ of our digestive system which produces acid (Hydrochloric acid). The acid is of importance […]

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McXtra Care Newsletter | November 2019

Section A MAIN FEATURE  Understanding Diabetes: Types and Diagnosis Diabetes as we all know is a condition of impaired glucose metabolism and presence of increased blood glucose (hyperglycemia). The utilization of glucose is regulated by a hormone called Insulin produced by the pancreas. Type 1 Diabetes occurs due to lack of insulin production by the […]

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McXtra Care Newsletter | October 2019

Section A MAIN FEATURE Understanding types of fats in our diet and body LIPIDS include all oily, and fatty substances. We take Lipids in our diet as FATS and CHOLESTEROL. FATS Fats contain ‘Fatty acids’ which are made of chains of Carbon (C) atoms forming bonds with Hydrogen (H) atoms. Some of the fatty acids […]

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McXtra Care Newsletter | September 2019

Section A MAIN FEATURE Understanding high blood pressure – Risks and consequences Blood pressure (BP) is the pressure that blood flowing in our arteries exerts on its wall. Arteries are blood vessels which carry blood rich in oxygen from our heart to different parts of the body. This pressure is maximum when the heart contracts […]

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McXtra Care Newsletter | August 2019

Section A MAIN FEATURE Causes of difficulty in sleeping and Inadequate sleep Understanding Sleeplessness (Difficulty in sleeping) and its health impact? ‘Somnus’ means sleep in Latin, therefore Insomnia refers to an inability to sleep. Every adult needs around 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep for optimal health, wellness and functioning. Medically when we use the term […]

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McXtra Care Newsletter | July 2019

Why and What kind of Diseases spread during Monsoon? We all love the rains but it also brings with it lot of infections which take their toll both on the urban and rural population. The diseases are mainly Air borne, Water borne or Mosquito borne. The air during monsoon is cool and humid (filled with […]

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McXtra Care Newsletter | June 2019

A) MAIN FEATURE – IMPACT OF GADGETS ON OUR BODY AND HEALTH It is a given fact today that technology is an integral part of our lives and is advancing day by day to give us all facilities and conveniences at our fingertips. Laptops and mobile phones form the backbone of corporate and professional life […]

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McXtra Care Newsletter | May 2019

A) MAIN FEATURE – IDENTIFYING & UNDERSTANDING MENTAL HEALTH ILLNESSES May month has been declared the International Mental Health Awareness Month Awareness of physical illnesses like Diabetes, Blood pressure, Arthritis, Asthma etc, is high, however mental health problems or illnesses are not only an ignored health aspect in our country, but also associated with myths […]

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5 ways to improve employee benefit management

Employees are a company’s greatest asset, you want to attract and retain the best, encourage and stimulate them, make them feel they’re a part of company’s mission and provide them the best tools to work efficiently. However, if you’re struggling to keep up with managing employee benefits, here are 5 ways to improve the process! […]

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Insurance is no longer complicated with McXtra, your personal insurance assistant

Though India’s insurable population is expected to cross 750 million by 2020, the systems surrounding it remain stagnant and insurance is still a complicated term for many. The buying decision of insurance is mainly influenced by insurance agents. Most of the people do not know what’s covered under their policies and what’s not. Insurance companies […]

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All you need to know about Hepatitis on World Hepatitis Day

What is Hepatitis? Hepatitis is one of the major health threats in the world that lead to around 1.34 million deaths every year. It is an infection caused by the inflammation of the liver. The common viruses that cause this infection are A, B, C, D, E, and G. Though the symptoms remain the same, […]

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