How to choose a versatile Travel Policy

Whenever you have traveled abroad, have you bought travel insurance by choice or under compulsion? If by choice, then was it with a specific purpose? Travel insurance by many, is bought with the objective of covering the hospitalization cost in case of an exigency. Rarely, would you have thought of buying travel insurance keeping other potential risks in mind.

My recent ordeal, while travelling with my Family to Europe, made me realize how critical some of the other features could be, besides primarily looking at medical insurance cover. Never, would I have so closely read through my policy document looking into the various covers,  in order to do good the loss we had incurred while losing our brand new handbag which contained some valuables and most importantly our Passports.

While it is important for you to know the next steps when the passports are lost or stolen in a foreign land. But before that there are some important travel tips which one must make a note of while travelling abroad. You should save a copy of your passport and visa , One of the option is the digital locker facility offered by – “My Policy Vault”, which can be accessed Anytime – Anywhere. Do not forget to carry some extra passport size photographs and the contact numbers of the Indian Consulate of the country which you are visiting. This will spare you both cost and time, if such a situation arises.

If you lose your passport abroad, you must immediately file a police complaint and keep the original police report safely. Please ensure that each page of the report, is properly stamped and signed. The document should clearly mention the names and passport numbers of all the individuals whose passports have been lost. Post this, you should immediately approach the Indian Consulate and request them for issuance of temporary passports or emergency certificate. Please do check for the processing fee, which may be much cheaper in case of an Emergency Certificate. But Emergency Certificate has certain limitations which you may check with the consulate. Do not forget to take the receipts for any expenses that you incur including the one at the consulate. These receipts will be required at the time of claim settlement.

We also incurred huge expenses in local travel, getting passport size photographs printed, and the admin & processing fee for issuance of Emergency Certificates. After having reached our Hotel, no sooner did we realize that our policy covered only Loss of Passport and Loss of Baggage was not included.

Medical treatment, dental treatment, repatriation of mortal remains, loss of passport, personal accident, personal liability, trip delays, daily allowance in case of hijack, total loss of checked in baggage  and delay of checked in baggage are common risk covers which are usually included in any travel policy.

But one must check the amount of risk cover, deductible amount and major exclusions pertaining to each clause, which may vary from insurer to insurer.

Some of the other risk covers which few insurers offer, but not necessarily in one policy are financial emergency cash, loss of baggage, trip cancellation & interruption, missed flight connection, trip delay, compassionate visit, emergency hotel extension , political risk & catastrophe evacuation, fraudulent charges, return of minor child(ren).

While you have a choice to buy a travel insurance policy online and many a times price becomes an important criteria for selection. However, you should take personal advice and guidance from one of our Advisers who can suggest you the most suitable options after understanding your need and requirements.

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