Insurance is no longer complicated with McXtra, your personal insurance assistant

Though India’s insurable population is expected to cross 750 million by 2020, the systems surrounding it remain stagnant and insurance is still a complicated term for many. The buying decision of insurance is mainly influenced by insurance agents. Most of the people do not know what’s covered under their policies and what’s not.

Insurance companies can be compared to those politicians who visit the common man only during election campaigns. This is because they remember their policyholders once or twice a year, especially during birthdays or renewal time. For the rest of the time, when customers need assistance on something, they are quite hard to reach. For example, if a person needs a claims assistance,  he needs to deal with the long wait times of call centres. A similar situation is when a person loses his passport on a holiday, his insurance company can offer him coverage, but they cannot provide him with the necessary assistance to overcome that situation. That’s when McXtra comes to your rescue. This app acts as a liaison between you and your insurance company. In every manner, McXtra becomes your personal insurance assistant to make insurance less complicated for you and your family. It is a data-driven insure-tech platform where you can upload your policy documents and seek assistance anytime anywhere!




There is a saying ‘You will never understand until it happens to you’, which is absolutely true when it comes to unpredictable situations. When you are in trouble, McXtra can offer prompt support and assistance with its emergency red button feature. Right from towing your car to getting an ambulance support, this app provides real-time assistance wherever you are! Suppose if you are going on a road trip with your friends, McXtra makes sure your enthusiasm shouldn’t go in vain due to an unexpected breakdown or a battery problem. Same way, when you are not in town if any of your family members need immediate medical support, all they need to do is to just tap the red button on the app. Whether it is doctor consultation over the phone, ambulance support, or tracking cashless hospitals, this app makes sure their needs are addressed as early as possible.

McXtra app is not just about delivering emergency support, it offers a wide range of services including decoding your complex policy documents, helping you understand what’s covered and what’s not, arranging a video call with a domain expert to clear your insurance-related queries, An SSL 256-bit encrypted policy vault to store your motor, health, travel, and life insurance policy documents so you can access them on the go!

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Can you imagine a small icon on your smartphone can do wonders for you and your family?  In short, McXtra is your trusted personal insurance assistant who makes your life easier in a way you have never imagined before. So what are you waiting for? Just download this app from Google Play Store or iOS App Store, upload your policies on the app or email it to McXtra will take care of the rest!


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